Green Beauty

I typically look for products that are natural.  About 85% (rough estimate) of the products I use are natural and/or organic.  But sometimes I get distracted by something new at the drugstore that sounds fabulous and will give it a try.   It is important to me to use all natural products on my face – I am highly sensitive to silicones and sulfates and avoid them at all costs!  I have also seen how good natural makeup is for my skin and have no desire to try anything else.  Buuuut…..other areas are not as sensitive, so I have a little more “wiggle room” on those products.  That is where you will find me trying “mainstream” products, like eyeshadow, primer or mascara, even nail polish. And I want to share my thoughts on these products for several reasons :

1-because its good to know how natural products compare to some of their “mainstream” counterparts

2-to show that natural beauty doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing thing

I’m a girl on a budget, and let’s admit it – natural products tend to cost more.  It’s understandable, they typically are made up of higher quality ingredients.  But to stay within my budget, I spend more on the products that matter most to me (face products) and save money on the ones that I can.  My hope is that as my budget allows, I can continue to move toward more and more natural products.

So for those who are only interested in all natural posts, check out the “Green Beauty” category on the side bar to find those posts quickly and easily.



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