Beauty is often thought of as what can be seen on the surface, but authentic beauty is really so much more than that.  The heart of True Beauty U is to be a place to explore all different aspects of real beauty.

About Angie:

I am a primarily self-taught makeup artist, working with women since 2007.  I believe every woman is beautiful, and I have a passion for helping women see the beauty they have within.

I have always been creative and used to drive my mother crazy with all the little things I would make…and all the craft supplies I would leave everywhere.  You can read more about my start in makeup here:  My Story

Currently I do freelance work with individual clients and group classes teaching make up application techniques.  I also work with Natural Joy Beauty, a local shop that specializes in a wide variety of all natural products.  Initially I was a customer of the shop as I am primarily interested in natural products.  Over time Joy (the owner) and I have become friends and it is a pleasure to work together.  I have had the privilege of working alongside her during news segments and at local community events.  I also make YouTube videos for the shop that you can see here.

Contact Angie:   everydaymwa@gmail.com

Twitter:  @everydayMWA

YouTube:  TrueBeautyUVideo Channel


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  1. Thanks so much for following my blog! I’m definitely enjoying yours! 🙂

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