I’m still here, but still very busy!

I just wanted to take a moment to post a quick update!  My mom’s move went well and she is getting settled.  It was hard to be away from my husband and kids for so long.  My husband did a great job keeping things going and we had some really fantastic friends who jumped in to help as well!  🙂

Things are still a little hectic around here as we transition into the school year, so my blogging time is still pretty limited but I’m working on a new blogging schedule that will work better for now.

Thank you so much for your patience!  If there are any specific posts you would like to see featured here, please let me know!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a great day!


One thought on “I’m still here, but still very busy!

  1. mothernaturessnuggery says:

    I’ve awarded you the Top 10 Award! http://mothernaturessnuggery.com/2012/09/28/beautiful-blogger-award-top-10-award 🙂

    PS. Totally understand being hectic and moving etc! Hope you’re able to chill more soon:)

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