Review: Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Souffle

This is another product I first heard about while reading one of my favorite beauty blogs,  Nouveau CheapHer review piqued my interest since she and I seem to have similar hair types.  I have fine hair that is wavy/curly.  It’s not overly oily or dry.  I hardly ever use heat tools on my hair (hair dryer, flat-iron, etc) so I have little to no heat damage.  I do not regularly color my hair, although I will try something new from time to time.  Overall, my hair is very healthy and strong.  It was not always this way.  For years I would try to tame it into submission with drying and flat-iron or curling irons.  But a few years ago, I just decided it wasn’t worth it (I’m limited on time and would rather spend my “getting ready” time on makeup, go figure!) and now I pretty much just let my hair do its own thing.  I’ve embraced the “Messy Hair Look” and it works well for me.

But enough about me already, let’s get to the product at hand!


  • natural
  • affordable – I got this on sale at Walgreens for $7.99 for 12oz!
  • smells wonderful!
  • adds shine and definition to my curls without weighing them down
  • tames frizz
  • doesn’t leave hair feeling “crunchy”
  • Silicone Free


  • can leave hair looking a bit greasy if too much is used

Conclusion:  I LOVE this stuff!!!!  LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!  Did I mention that I kinda love it?  This stuff has a different texture than most products I’ve tried, it’s like a big tub of clear jelly.  The first time or two I used it I definitely used too much and it left my hair looking greasy and feeling a bit heavy.  A little goes a long way for sure!  But once I learned the right amount for me, I loved the results.  I apply this by swiping my fingers across the surface, then rubbing my hands together to distribute the product, then work it through my hair and scrunch.  I’ve applied this to wet hair, damp hair, and dry hair and found that it works well in all applications.  Oh, and the scent!!  This smells so good – just like the name suggests, a combo of coconut and hibiscus flowers – very tropical.  I am so happy to have finally found a product that adds definition to my curls, while taming frizz and without weighing my hair down, with a fantastic fragrance and is affordable as well!  Thanks for the recommendation, G!  This one is a keeper!! 🙂

Plain hair – No Product

After using Curl Souffle



5 thoughts on “Review: Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Souffle

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  2. mamifi says:

    Your hair reminds me of mine though my one is a bit drier. I love label.m curl cream but this sounds great and much cheaper! Thanks for the tip.

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