Product Review: Blissoma Restore Deep Moisture Oil Serum

Last month Blissoma selected people from their Facebook page to receive a deluxe sample of their new Restore Deep Moisture Oil Serum. I was excited to find out that I had been selected to receive one of the samples! I have been using this product for a few weeks and wanted to share my thoughts.

This is not the first facial oil I have used. For years, my standard nighttime moisturizer has been a mixture of 8 drops Argan oil and 2 drops vitamin E oil. But I had noticed this winter that my skin seemed to need something more. I had started layering Weleda Skin Food over my Argan/vit E mix, but even that just didn’t seem quite enough. Once I received my sample of Restore, I used it in place of my regular oil mix at night. My skin seemed to drink in the moisture right away! This did not feel heavy, greasy or sticky on my skin at all. And I have noticed that my skin has not had any of the dry, flaky areas that it did just a few weeks ago!

I was interested to see how my skin would react to the jojoba oil in this product. I have used jojoba oil on my skin in the past and it seemed to cause breakouts. But I am happy to report that I had no reactions or breakouts from this product!!

It does have an herbal-type scent to it. (I am not the best at describing scents….) I do not find this to be an issue, the scent is not strong at all and goes away within minutes after applying.


  • all natural
  • super moisturizing
  • soaks in quickly
  • didn’t irritate my skin or cause breakouts


Conclusion: I really really like this product. The price tag is a little high, but considering the high quality ingredients and that it seems to last a long time, I think it is worth it – especially for those of us who deal with exceptionally dry skin in the winter.


UPDATE: FOTD featuring Indulge Me Palette from Prestige

After those sad-looking swatches from the review, I wanted to share a look to help show what the shadows look like in action.


For this look I used the Unbudgable Primer first to prep my lids.  Then I placed the color First Class over the whole lid and up to the brow bone.  This is a sheer champagne/beige color that leaves a sheen after the glitter is blended away.  Next I applied the color Royalty to the outer corner and crease areas and blended it over slightly into the inner corner.  I then applied a very light layer of the color Majestic in the crease to add a little depth.  I lined the upper lash line with the black pencil liner from the kit.  It applied smoothly without dragging or pulling.  I smudged it slightly and added a layer of the color V.I.P. on top to set it.  Finished it off with a couple of coats of Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara in Black.

This lasted through an afternoon and evening of running errands with my family.

I hope this helps to give a better idea of how these products perform.

Product Review: Prestige Indulge Me Palette

I purchased this palette last week.  I haven’t tried much from the Prestige line but I just couldn’t resist this little beauty!  When I first saw this I immediately thought of the Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes.  This retails for $12.99.  I purchased it from our local Kroger affiliate grocery store for $9.99.  It contains:

  • a mini Primed & Ready Unbudgable Eye Primer .12 fl oz (3.6ml)
  • 6 eyeshadows .04 oz (1.2g) each
  • a mini eyeliner in black .02 oz (.6g)
  • a dual sponge tip applicator

Prestige Eyeshadow Palette

I love the packaging of this palette!  The purple is very vibrant and the sparkle in the word INDULGE is fun.  This is made from foam padded cardboard and has a magnetic closure.  The magnet holds well without making it impossible to open.  I like that it has a small mirror.

The Primer:

This tube is pretty tiny, but it seems a little goes a long way.  I have really oily lids.  Usually I use the Palladio Herbal Eye Primer.  This primer goes on a little sticky whereas Palladio is more smooth on the lid.  I was concerned that this would mean crazy creasing, but nope!  This held my shadows in place beautifully all day!

The Shadows:

The color names are: First Class (beige), Majestic (purple), Royalty (teal), Jetsetter (navy), Five Star (silver), V.I.P. (black).  ALL of these are glitter-bombs!  Don’t get me wrong, I love a little sparkle to the eyes just as much as the next girl; but I have to admit, I was relieved when some of the glitter faded away as I blended the shadows.  Buuuut…..the glitter that faded from my eyelids, of course fell to my cheeks so BEWARE of fallout!!  (Note to self:  do eye makeup first when using this palette!)

Swatched on bare skin with no primer.

Honestly, these shadows do not swatch very well at all.  They seemed….splotchy?  After taking the above photo, I was thinking this was going to be a “regret” purchase.  But to my surprise, the colors applied well and blended nicely when I used my brushes.  The colors stayed vibrant all day.  Clearly, they are meant to be used with the primer!

The liner:

Pretty standard pencil liner (swatch above at bottom of photo).  This is a very nice rich, opaque black that lasted all day without smudging everywhere.  After applying the liner, I used an angled brush to apply V.I.P. over top to set.

The applicator:

Standard sponge tip.  One side is more wide and rounded, one side is more narrow and pointed-although not at all a sharp point.  I am not a big fan of these as I much prefer to use brushes.


Overall I am pleased with this palette so far.  I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite makeup purchase of all time, but for the price it’s nice to have some fun colors to try looks with.  I don’t own any of the Urban Decay palettes so I can’t compare them side by side.  The glittery fallout can be annoying (very) but it’s manageable.  The primer works well and I really hope I can find it in a full size.  I did not experience any stinging or irritation from these products, which is always nice!

Have you tried this yet?  I would love to know your thoughts!

FOTD (Face of the Day) – Mauvelously Smokey

Haha! This look isn’t even close to a traditional “smokey eye”, but I couldn’t resist a title like this given the names of the eyeshadows. Bear with me, I know…..
The softness of the eyeshadows combined with the neutral lips and cheeks balanced out the bold eyeliner. This would be easy to transition into a night out look by blending a little black eyeshadow to the outer V area of the eye.

Products Used:

For the eyes:

Beauty From Pain

You might want to grab your scuba gear, because today we are going to go a little deep….

photo courtesy of Jeremiah Strom Beck

Life is hard sometimes.

This is a fact that I have learned, interestingly enough, the hard way.

Each of us will face hard times in our life. There will be times of hurt and pain when we don’t know how….

or even if….

we can ever.



When the thought of taking the next breath seems almost too much.

But the painful times of our life have a purpose. It is in those times that we have the opportunity to grow as a person. It is in those times that we become more of the person we were created to be. Many times we don’t have clear answers as to why we go through things. But the one way we can guarantee that the pain was not in vain is when we take a step back and look at how we can learn and move forward through it. It’s tough, but we have to keep going, keep trying, and keep moving forward.

I don’t know what you are going through in your life right now, but know that there is a good purpose for it. Even when it doesn’t make sense. Every day is a new day and a new opportunity to turn things around. When we grow through these times, we develop a beauty that comes from within. A beauty that doesn’t fade with age or wrinkles or spots. A beauty that doesn’t need makeup or skin care. A beauty that becomes a part of who we are.  Pain can make us bitter or make us beautiful.  It’s our choice.

All This Time – Britt Nicole

Product Review: Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Eye Makeup Remover

This eye makeup remover really works! It’s full of all natural organic oils that are great for removing makeup. It also helps to condition eyelashes so that they can grow in healthy and strong! Bonus!

This successfully removes both natural and drugstore eye makeup products. I have used this personally as well as with clients and have never experienced any sensitivity issues. This does have a very slight citrus scent, it’s not strong but it’s there.

I really like that this is a solid product. It makes it great for traveling and could also double as a cuticle treatment and lip balm if you didn’t want to pack 3 separate products!


  • All natural & organic
  • Affordable
  • Works well
  • Helps condition lashes
  • Multiple uses
  • Won’t spill when traveling


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Clearly, I have a fondness for the color green…..which works out well since it’s St Patrick’s Day!

Products used:

I used mineral eyeshadow samples that I had lying around from The She Space, a company that has since closed. 😦 But here is a color breakdown:

  • Yellowy green metallic eyeshadow as a wash all over the lid and along the lower lash line
  • Dark teal green metallic shadow blended into the crease, outer V of the lid and along the outer 1/3 of the lower lid
  • Grey eyeliner with a slight flick, smudged applied on top lash line and on waterline
  • Champagne shadow underneath the brows for highlight

I stole borrowed this hat from my daughter.  It’s so fuzzy and warm and perfect for cold days!  Thanks, sweet daughter! 🙂

Happy St. Patty’s Day, everyone!